TINKUY: Thanks to your love and support, we soared beyond our goal.

We are overwhelmed with your generosity. Just like you, we woke up with big eyes and even bigger smiles. Our hearts are full.

Yesterday was the last day of our Tinkuy campaign and so many of you send in your love and support. Not only did we reach our goal and will receive matching funds; we exceeded our goal by an incredible amount. All donations beyond our $30,000 + matching fund aim will go towards starting a strong and healthy 2018 school year for Kusi Kawsay.

From the depths of our hearts, we would like to thank each and every one of you for making Tinkuy such a success. Thank you for accompanying us along this month long journey to secure funding that will cover the 2017 school year. We are excited that we are also able to begin the 2018 school year with funds. Financial health is a continuous process for Kusi Kawsay but our local and global communities gives us strength and hope. We are thankful that we have had a wonderful campaign, sharing our story, our work, mission and vision and nurturing the connection between us all.

With love and gratitude from all of us at Kusi Kawsay: Urpillay Sonqollay – Thank You – Vielen Dank – Merci – Danke Je – Gracias!

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Tinkuy Fundraising Campaign 2017
July 10th - August 10th 2017


FINAL COLLECTED DONATIONS as of Thursday, August 11, 2017

Yesterday was the last day of our Tinkuy campaign and so many of you send in your love and support. Not only did we reach our goal and will receive matching funds; we exceeded our goal by an incredible amount. All donations beyond our $30,000 + matching fund aim will go towards starting a strong and healthy 2018 school year for Kusi Kawsay. Thank you!





Donor Comments

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    "Friends of ours in the Sacred Valley, Peru, are part of the most amazing school - Kusi Kawsay. They're this incredible blend of teaching the fundamentals in an integrated way while not losing (and in fact honoring) the native culture. The most inspiring thing to me is that they've brought both Western children and ingenuous children together." - Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels

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    "In a time when so much can seem so wrong, the Kusi Kawsay school in Peru is a hopeful example of the good that can come of dedication and love. I had the honor of working with its founding families when they were literally building its walls 10 years ago and am amazed by the school it is now, all due to the hard work and generosity of hundreds of people from around the world. If you are looking to be part of this hopeful effort, please consider making a donation and helping Kusi Kawsay to benefit from a $30,000 matching donation."

    - Kate - Boston, MA

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    “When I think of Kusi Kawsay I think of what a different world we would live in if all of our children when through the carefully crafted education Kusi Kawsay’s has developed. Taking the best of two very different worlds, the Waldorf Methodology and the Inca Cosmovision, Kusi Kawsay’s children are not only exposed to a top quality education curriculum based on holistic and practical learning but they are also exposed to an environment that upholds their culture, values, and worldview ensuring the upbringing of a generation of critical thinkers that are socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible citizens of the world. Kusi Kawsay is a model for all organizations wishing to incorporate indigenous values and rights into the education of our children and youth. I only wished my own daughter had the opportunity to be part of a program such as the one that Kusi Kawsay has crafted alongside its wise teachers, parents, and community.” - Sandra Macías del Villar / Regional Program Director - Americas - Global Fund for Children Global Fund for Children

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    "I have been involved in the funding of Kusi Kawsay since it was only a dream, and idea in the minds and hearts of the community in Pisac. Over the last ten years, my family and I have donated significant funds every year for this project, and have watched it grow from the dream to a reality, bringing a great education, and perhaps more importantly, a sense of pride and respect for the Andean culture and cosmovision. Not only has this affected the outlook of the students of the Kusi Kawsay, but the community at large has shown a significant improvement in the respect and self-confidence for their heritage." - Ann Beckham Pachamama's Path

Our Story

For years, families in the Sacred Valley of Peru worked together to protect and revive their Andean culture. This dedication grew into a clearer vision and understanding that the most effective way to create long-term change was through education, and so we founded the Kusi Kawsay (Happy Life in Quechua) Andean School.

Since opening our doors in 2010, Kusi Kawsay has served the dignity, rights and empowerment of indigenous children and youth. Now a non-profit organization, Kusi Kawsay provides quality education to students so that they may become confident, free, self-assured young adults and leaders of the future.

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Words of Andean Wisdom

We are excited to launch our Tinkuy Fundraising Campaign today. Our goals is to raise $30,000 from July 10th to August 10th.  The raised amount will cover the operational budget of the Kusi Kawsay School and some of the Ñawpa Ñan (Ancient Path in Quechua) cultural project budget, which celebrates the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean culture.  We have secured matching funds of up to $30,000, so any contribution you make will be doubled.

The Tinkuy Fundraising Campaign celebrates the connection between us all.  Your support to the Kusi Kawsay Association is an investment into a future that will cultivate, nourish and promote conscious and connected living.

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Words of Andean Wisdom 2017






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  • Kusi Kawsay and Kusi Ñan,

    Kusi Kawsay (Happy Life) Our mission is providing access to education that is rooted in Andean culture and tradition by enabling a bilingual intercultural experience using the most up-to-date teaching methods, which confront the challenges of today's reality for children, young people and families who have few opportunities to access a respectful education.  Find out more here.

    Kusi Ñan (Happy Path) Our mission is to be efficient in and support rural agriculture through the wisdom of our ancestral Andean practices, which hold the solutions to ensuring global food security.  Find out more here

  • Kusi Kawsay,

    In honor of our ancestors and the new generation of young inspiring indigenous children, we give thanks to all the roots of our culture, the depths of our tradition and the pride of our identity.  We believe that our projects are a love labor that grows and raises healthy, empowered change makers ready to share their knowledge and skills through this journey of a happy life and a happy path.  We are thankful to all those who support our work, our mission and vision.  Urpillay Sonqollay (expression of Gratitude in Quechua)