Kusi Kawsay

Kusi Kawsay Andean School is a non- profit school, rooted in Andean tradition, empowering economically challenged children from Pisac town and remote communities above Pisac, Peru; to become confident, free, self assured young adults, leaders of the future; helping the World to become a better place.

Kusi Kawsay uses Fusion Education, thus offering an alternative, integral education. These unique and highly effective teaching methods, incorporate aspects of Waldorf pedagogy, embracing traditional  Andean  legacy and culture.

Our ecological ethic is a social ethic, in that we are all related, inter-related and interdependent on this existence.Taking ecological mindfulness a step further… into the realms of the heart, of truly respecting and loving the land. This is returning to the true essence of ecology.

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Introduction Video to Kusi Kawsay 


   Kusi Kawsay en El Comercio : Educación para la vida feliz


   Autor: Manuel Vera Tudela


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Spirits on Earth – Charity Song 2015

PROMO-2-SOEAll proceeds of the Spirits on Earth song will go 100% to Kusi Kawsay!  



Message from the Valentin Boomes:

After several weeks of intense work, I am more than happy to announce the release of the charity Song „SPIRITS ON EARTH“. It is a really special song that was shaped in collaboration with my beloved friend Ivan Torrent and features some of the most talented musicians and friends I know.

The release date is Friday January 16th, 2015on all major digital music stores.

The intention of this musical journey is to support a unique and valuable school project: Kusi Kawsay.  Over the last years, I have had the great opportunity to accompany its process.  Kusi Kawsay is an indigenous pilot school located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Pisaq, Peru. Run by a traditional community, the intention is to preserve and recover the immense knowledge and traditions of the Andean Quechua culture and to link it to modern society. Kusi Kawsay, which is part of the network of UNESCO Associated Schools, is rooted in cultural importance and places importance on protecting a living human legacy.

In order to continue their priceless work, Kusi Kawsay needs support. All proceeds of the Spirit on Earth song will go 100% to Kusi Kawsay!  Pachamama’s Path supports the Kusi Kawsay Association.  Like and follow Kusi Kawsay on Facebook for updates.

Please help us and this share link with the world!

I want to thank to all the great artistic support I have received for this release!

Female Vocal artists: Aerelie Brighton, Julie Elven, Uyanga Bold Vox: Ivan Torrent Violin: Eanan Patterson Guitar: Alan Jay Reed Composed by Valentin Boomes Arranged and Produced by Ivan Torrent and Valentin Boomes Mixing/Mastering Post-Production, Lyrics and Artwork by Ivan Torrent

All Rights Reserved (c) 2015 by Valentin Boomes

If you are encountering any problems or have questions please Contact Us

Urpillay Sonqollay!

Gracias.  Danke. Thank You.



The Kusi Kawsay Educational Association (La Asociación Educativa Kusi Kawsay) is a nonprofit civil association, incorporated by public deed on March 6, 2008, inscribed in the Book of Associations of Legal Entities in the Cusco Registry Office with the certificate number of 11072048.

The Kusi Kawsay Educational Institution was duly authorized by the Board with Resolution No. 1576, dated July 9, 2009, issued by the Ministry of Education, DREC Cusco, and has been legally functioning since March 2009.

Awards and recognition

Regional Alternative Educational Model – Regional Educational District Independent School – Peruvian Ministry of Education November 2012 Kusi Kawsay received special recognition for participation in an international congress organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education and by UNESCO, where Kusi Kawsay was invited to present innovative curriculumdevelopment and educational materials that advocate intercultural components, and was applauded as a valuable educational model.

UNESCO Affiliation


The network of UNESCO Associated Schools – Peru, is a cooperative of educational institutions of different levels that are associated with the purpose of promoting quality education in favor of Peace, Freedom, Justice and Human Development. The affiliated schools are constituted in a medium with the means to achieve Education for All and to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. As an affiliated school, Kusi Kawsay assumes the challenge to explore innovative approaches for quality education, so that the four pillars of education (learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together) may materialize into good practices.

In this context, Kusi Kawsay participates in events, congresses and workshops organised by UNESCO, and in this way, as a member of the network of UNESCO Associated Schools-Peru, contributes to the strengthening of the network, emphasising the development of management skills and / or active participation in a virtual community and the development of teaching skills for the promotion of education. Kusi Kawsay’s affiliation with the UNESCO network is of upmost importance, and endorses Kusi Kawsay’s curriculum, educational materials and vision as valuable model. However, it is important to clarify that as a participant in the network of affiliated UNESCO schools, Kusi Kawsay does not receive any financial support, and is not a school funded by UNESCO.