Tinkuy Fundraising Campaign

The Tinkuy Campaign celebrates the connection between us all. Your support to the Kusi Kawsay Association is an investment into a future that will cultivate, nourish and promote conscious and connected living.

Our Tinkuy Campaign begins on July 10th and ends August 10th. Our goal is to reach $30,000 to cover the operational budget of the Kusi Kawsay School and some of the Ñawpa Ñan (Ancient Path in Quechua) cultural project budget, which celebrates the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean culture. We have secured matching funds of up to $30,000, so any contribution you make will be doubled.

We have been working hard to raise $100,000 for the Kusi Kawsay Association. We want to reach our goal by mid August, and even exceed our aim to begin securing funds for 2018. These momentous accomplishments include:

  • $30,000 – secured from approved grants
  • $10,000 – from fundraising initiatives generated in Peru
  • $30,000 generated by the Ccantu groups Matching Funds for the Tinkuy Campaign

Now we are in our final phase of raising $30,000 through our Tinkuy Campaign.

We invite you to help us all stay connected and inspired, and invite you to be actively involved in the Tinkuy Campaign. We appreciate you sharing this interactive document and the Tinkuy Campaign link (below) with your friends, family and community.

Join us in reaching our online fundraising goal of $30,000 by August 10th.

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Urpillay Sonqollay
(Expression of gratitude in Quechua)