Testimonials & Services

  • Kusi Kawsay and Kusi Ñan,

    Kusi Kawsay (Happy Life) Our mission is providing access to education that is rooted in Andean culture and tradition by enabling a bilingual intercultural experience using the most up-to-date teaching methods, which confront the challenges of today's reality for children, young people and families who have few opportunities to access a respectful education.  Find out more here.

    Kusi Ñan (Happy Path) Our mission is to be efficient in and support rural agriculture through the wisdom of our ancestral Andean practices, which hold the solutions to ensuring global food security.  Find out more here

  • Kusi Kawsay,

     In honor of our ancestors and the new generation of young inspiring indigenous children, we give thanks to all the roots of our culture, the depths of our tradition and the pride of our identity.  We believe that our projects are a love labor that grows and raises healthy, empowered change makers ready to share their knowledge and skills through this journey of a happy life and a happy path.  We are thankful to all those who support our work, our mission and vision.  Urpillay Sonqollay (expression of Gratitude in Quechua)