Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Providing access to education that is rooted in Andean culture and tradition, Kusi Kawsay serves as an educational model that inspires other indigenous schools to approach learning through a sensitive and stimulating environment while honoring and celebrating traditional ways of life.

By supporting traditional cultural practices, children will embrace the ecological mindfulness of their ancestors, and help foster a balanced ecosystem.

Our Vision

Kusi Kawsay envisions accompanying children in their development, respecting their integral being, customs, history, mythology, worldview and tongue. We provide equal opportunity for girls and boys alike to participate in society with developed problem solving, creative decision making and acute leadership skills, woven with a common thread of an intact self-esteem and a richly dignified sense of cultural identity.

Our Guiding Principle

Reciproity, or Ayni, the Andean mandate of giving and receiving in all aspects of life, plays a significant role in Kusi Kawsay’s educational approach.  Reciprocity between man and nature is celebrated with Andean agrarian calendar events focused on cosmic cycles of the solstice and equinox, as well as the dry and rainy seasons. This traditional calendar is the foundation for Kusi Kawsay’s curriculum and the revival of ancestral cultural practices and rituals by students and their families is creating a ‘living legacy’ for the community.  By integrating these events into the school curriculum, Kusi Kawsay not only broadens the education of its students, but also deepens the communities’ ties to its rich Andean roots.