Appeal for Funding

Ayni Scholarship Fund

Here is how you can ensure a child’s sense of dignity, self esteem, cultural identity and belief in their future: Visit our Interactive Document to read, share and find out more about the Ayni Scholarship Fund. The Ayni Scholarship Fund’s goal is to cover the tuition costs of our students therefore this cause is ongoing.  As Kusi Kawsay grows, the Ayni Scholarship Fund becomes our greatest need.  We are thankful for any contribution and support to ensure that our children may attend a beautiful school where they are loved, valued and respected.
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Andean Legacy

The Andean Legacy gatherings, celebrations and events take place in various parts of Peru. The Andean Legacy was instituted to honor the community’s traditional culture while standing up for their rights and self-direction in their own land and resources.   This is the opportunity needed to protect both their culture and the sacred land and plants of the Apus.
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Nutrition and Wellbeing

Kusi Kawsay encourages students, teachers and parents to celebrate andean products, their important nutritional value, and the ancestral heritage value. This message is woven throughout the curricula.
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