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Carlos Franco and Tita Monteagudo are the music teachers at Kusi Kawsay. They are also dedicated founding parents of Kusi Kawsay, and have three children attending the school: Araq (10), Illapa (6) and Maywa (4)

Carlos and Tita both come from musical families. Their respective parents formed a music group together in P’isaq almost 50 years ago. The shared love of music brought Carlos and Tita together and united their life stories when she was 16 and he was 19. Carlos and his brothers, along with friends from the area, had formed the Music group Wiñay Taki Ayllu. Tita’s rebel spirit and love of dance caused her to fall in love with Carlos when she danced to his music.

Their first project together was an investigation of Andean music in the local highland communities around Pisac. They lived in the villages and visited the elders—the wise ones of the Andes—in order to compile ancestral songs and develop their skill playing traditional musical instruments.

According to Carlos, “ the ancestral Andean method of music is first in feeling and then in thinking, because if it is done in the opposite order, the most essential is lost: that your spirit communicates with the spirits of nature.” 

To this day they both teach and learn in the traditional, direct and experiential way.

We are fortunate to have Carlos and Tita working as a team, to share their rich musical experience on a daily basis with the boys and girls of Kusi Kawsay. They teach the classes together, and together compose their songs— listening to the sound of the cycles of the wind, water and nature of the Andes. Not only do they impart ancestral vibrations and tones that resonate in the students, but they also impart important ancestral values and teachings that ensure healthy and happy students at Kusi Kawsay, and strong and sensitive citizens of the future.