Ayni Scholarship Fund

Here is how you can ensure a child’s sense of dignity, self esteem, cultural identity and belief in their future:

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Donating $1,850 will provide a scholarship to support one Kusi Kawsay student for an entire year! The Ayni Scholarship Fund’s goal is to cover the tuition costs of our students therefore this cause is ongoing.  As Kusi Kawsay grows, the Ayni Scholarship Fund becomes our greatest need.  We are thankful for any contribution and support to ensure that our children may attend a beautiful school where they are loved, valued and respected.

We’re so excited by the difference we’re already seeing in students attending Kusi Kawsay. Our teachers, inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy, and using individualized learning programs, foster a joy of learning by helping students delve deeply into subjects like math, literature, reading, the sciences, geography and regional and world history. Along with life skills and tools to navigate the modern world, our students learn about ancestral wisdom and practices tied to the Andean Agrarian Calendar, gaining a deep sense of pride and connection to all living things.

Our students come from schools that  do not honor their indigenous Quechua language and heritage. Your donation of $1,850 for a Kusi Kawsay scholarship will allow a student to experience an environment that nourishes her/his whole being socially, emotionally, physically, as well as academically. We create the conditions for each of our students to discover their own potential and experience pride in their identity instead of being embarrassed and shamed.

For instance, Sabina (*Name changed for privacy) is a 6th grader who lives in such a remote indigenous community that it takes her 4½ hours each day to hike to school and return home. When she arrived at Kusi Kawsay last year, she was behind in all her subjects, her handwriting was barely legible and she covered her face and giggled from embarrassment when speaking in public. But one of our inspired teachers organized a field trip for Sabina to share her wealth of traditional knowledge about Andean plants and their healing potentials. And in the everyday magic that happens at Kusi Kawsay, Andean culture and wisdom were honored and celebrated, along with the unique talents of each student. Sabina’s classmates were impressed and Sabina’s sense of self worth and confidence increased. In a short time at Kusi Kawsay, the “real” Sabina is emerging. She has caught up 2 grade levels, writes creative compositions in beautiful handwriting, and has gained so much confidence that she recently demonstrated a model of a pulley in her physics exposition without any sign of nervousness, and speaks to visitors in basic English. Because of her playful and vibrant personality, she has a wonderful community of friends and is treated with respect by her peers.

We receive no government funding and our sliding scale tuition fees amount to only 20% of our operating budget. Your donation of $1,850 not only supports a Kusi Kawsay student for one year, it provides an entire support system to a community; for the student and their family.

Kusi Kawsay offers:

    • A holistic, developmental and hands on approach to learning and curriculum based on Waldorf pedagogy of “head, heart and hands” to create a love of learning, creativity and academia excellence.
    • A curriculum that integrates Andean holistic worldview and traditions through workshops on ancestral creative arts, practices and Agrarian calendar events celebrating the ancestral Andean worldview of the universe tied to the rhythms of the earth.
    • Parent education and involvement programs and community outreach activities.
    • Development of this innovative educational model to be used in remote communities through teacher training and curriculum.

We know we’re on the right track from seeing the changes in our students and their families, but others believe in our model too! In less than 4 years, Kusi Kawsay has been officially recognized with Independent School status by the Peruvian Ministry of Education, designated as a Regional Alternative Educational Model from our local Regional Educational District and awarded international designation as a UNESCO Associated School.

We know it takes a community to support a community. Donating $1,850 could come from your family, an extended group of relatives, a group of friends or even a group at the office to support a year’s tuition for a Kusi Kawsay student.
 Andean tradition and life is based on community and ayni, Quechua for reciprocity. In the spirit of ayni, we would love to name a Kusi Kawsay Scholarship after your family’s name, honor an individual or group, or mark a special birthday, event, life achievement, or milestone in celebration of your being part of the Kusi Kawsay community.

Although donating a full scholarship may not be possible for you, know that every dollar you give helps Kusi Kawsay build:

    • Healthy bodies – $50 provides nutrition awareness programs for an entire month.
    • Healthy minds – $100 provides school materials for an entire class for the school year.
    • Healthy culture – $200 funds Andean workshop materials for the entire school for two months.
    • Healthy families – $500 supports community outreach for an entire year.
    • Healthy community – $1,850 opens a world of opportunity for one student to attend Kusi Kawsay for a year as part of the Ayni (Reciprocity) Scholarship Fund. We welcome your support to secure a place for one or more students at Kusi Kawsay or support one student through several years.

If you have made a donation to the Ayni Scholarship Fund, and would like to name your fund in memory of someone special or in honour of a special event, individual or milestone, please let us know so we can include above in celebration of your being part of the Kusi Kawsay community. All contributions are kept anonymous unless otherwise specified.

Scholarships named in memory of someone special include:

    • Susan Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund (from NE Biolabs)
    • Nina Nilson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Charles Strong Memorial Scholarship Fund

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