Collaborations and Partnerships

Kusi Kawsay has been fortunate to collaborate and partner with many amazing organizations and people.

Our most current collaborations and partnerships include Enactus Ryerson University and EMpower.  Both are working to strengthen Kusi Ñan.  Their resources, expertise, guidance and support have been invaluable.  We look forward to sharing more photos and details about Enactus and EMpower here soon!

Special Projects and Collaborations

Thanks to the ongoing support of our newsletter editing team Margaret Schonfield, Merilee Clunis, and Barbara Walkover we keep our global community connected to the important events happening at Kusi Kawsay. We could not do this without you. Special recognition and thanks to Wendy Watanabe who shares her expertise in an ongoing commitment with Kusi Kawsay as our fund-raising consultant.  Wish we were nearer! Thank you to Monte Amador whose continuous dedication to help us with all types of technical matters is so appreciated.

We are so pleased to introduce Heather Buchanan who joined us this year with a long-term commitment in mind.  Kusi Kawsay welcomes Javiera Alarcon Achiu to our family.  Javiera, from Chile, has joined the our Andean School as a long-term volunteer.  Thank you for everything you do, Javiera!

It is an honor to have Judy Ramsey, long time supporter of Kusi Kawsay, visit us.  Dennis took a photo essay of a day in the life of Kusi Kawsay, and truly captured the feel of the school.  Thank you so much Dennis for these beautiful images.  Many of Denis’ beautiful photos are being used on our website!

Sharon Drew Morgen came to serve our school community, helping us to enter the world of social media, improve our website and prepare a corporate fundraising strategy guided by principles that are in keeping with Kusi Kawsay’s vision.

We also have the joy of sharing our experience with other schools and educational/cultural initiatives that we consider as important partners.  It is part of our vision to create and nourish networks and alliances as we hope to inspire and learn from each other and intend that our work spread far and wide and benefit as many people as possible. Pukllasunchis, Wiñaypaq, Yanpanacusun, and Unesco are just a few of the initiatives we collaborate with on many levels, and we are constantly looking to create new partnerships.

If you would like to partner or collaborate with Kusi Kawsay, please contact us at