Kusi Kawsay welcomes specialists who can mentor and accompany our teachers and staff in many areas. Fluency in Spanish is preferable, as is a 6 months commitment yet we are open to further discussions.  Please contact us at for details.

Mentoring areas include but not limited to:

  • Waldorf mentors
  • Education mentors
  • Agriculture / Permaculture specialists
  • Non – profit management specialists
  • Audio / Visual specialists
  • Marketing

We have been honored to have professionals lend their expertise to our teachers, staff and students. Thank you so much for your guidance, time and energy!

Professional Educators Lend Expertise

Kusi Kawsay is also very fortunate to have professional volunteers as well. Many visiting teachers give of their expertise in the classroom, helping to develop curriculum training for our teachers as well.  Such interactions set the stage for many valuable exchanges and make us more connected to the world of education.  These collaborations mutually enrich the experiences of all of us, which is evident in the number who do return and aim to stay involved.

Teresa Swayne from Taos New Mexico USA, mentioned in our last newsletter, was our first professional English teacher.  In only 4 months, her experience and capacity to engage at all levels had a transformative effect.  She not only taught the entire student body at Kusi Kawsay, but also the administrative staff and some teachers, as well as a few Kusi Kawsay alumnae participating in the farm project.  She also helped develop the English curriculum for Kusi Kawsay. She was here from the end of February to the end of June and made some strong personal connections.  We really miss her and hope she will come back to teach the students.  Mildred, a student from the fourth grade, especially misses her, and was so sad when it was time to say goodbye.

We were honored to have Vera Hoffman, a Waldorf teacher from Germany visit Kusi Kawsay for several weeks as she investigated and shared her expertise with our teachers providing valuable guidance in our ongoing intercultural curriculum development. Florian Oswald, a renowned Waldorf specialist from Germany visited Kusi Kawsay, and our teachers had the great opportunity to attend an important Waldorf conference he gave in Lima last July.

Ursula Locher returned to offer her expertise and experience to our teachers, which is always so rewarding. We are so grateful that she takes time and energy to be an important part of this work.

Gerd Kellerman, a German Waldorf teacher traveling the world, offered our teachers an intensive week-long training that was very enriching. Thank you!

These amazing visiting teachers from all over the world offer Kusi Kawsay so much, and along with the long-term teacher training partnership with ProHumanus, our teachers continue to learn so as to better serve our students, parents and community and continually improve the educational experience offered at Kusi Kawsay.


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