Nutrition and Wellbeing

Kusi Kawsay encourages students, teachers and parents to celebrate andean products, their important nutritional value, and the ancestral heritage value. This message is woven throughout the curricula. One important event that promotes our  nutrition and wellbeing program, is our annual Andean Gastronomy Festival. Year after year our Andean Gastronomy Festival is a huge success. The parents decide what to prepare and share the recipes, and the students give presentations about the nutritional and ancestral value of the products. Each class has a beautifully displayed table, and after the children and parents present them, everyone is invited to taste the creative, nutritional and beautifully presented dishes. The pumpkin ice cream from the second grade has been a historic hit! The quinoa salad and native potato from kindergarten are also delicious.

Nutrition Awareness and Improvement Program

Many Kusi Kawsay students suffer from impoverished living conditions and inadequate nutrition. We recognize that without sufficient and proper nutrition, students cannot fully engage in learning. Many students walk long distances to and from school every day and require extra calories. Further, traditional diets are being undermined and stigmatized by globalization and advertising that promote the consumption of cheap junk food. There is increasing consumption of foods that contain little nutritional value and contaminate the surroundings with plastic wrapping. There is a general and widespread absence of nutritional education or awareness regarding this trend. Kusi Kawsay believes nutrition education alongside the promotion and valorization of ancestral Andean products that are full of nutritional value is of utmost importance. Each year, Kusi Kawsay request support and funding in order to serve a daily nutritional breakfast based on native grains (quinoa, amaranth, and other native crops) purchased by local family farmers thereby offering a positive incentive to maintain the cultivation of these traditional crops and cultivating pride in local ancestral foods. Throughout the years, the program has been cut due to lack of funds. Thankfully in 2015, we received the necessary funding and were able to reinitiate the daily nutritional breakfasts. Please be a part of contributing to the Nutrition and Wellbeing cause so that we may ensure a healthy nutritional snack for the 2016 school year. Thank you.


We hope to implement a Nutrition Awareness Program that will:

    • Provide a daily snack for all students consisting of porridge prepared with native grains and a piece of fruit.
    • Include nutrition education, targeted to children of the school with the goal of reaching homes and the community at large, that encourages healthier food choices.
    • Promote awareness and pride in the valuable Andean ancestral agrarian heritage and native nutritional food crops that are gaining increasing world recognition.