Motivated by the empowerment and preservation of Andean ancestral lifeways, the Kusi Kawsay Association works to embody the vision of our community and to serve as a model which encourages global awareness that respects cultural and ecological diversity, honoring the wisdom of Indigenous traditions and cultivating unity of human beings within a framework of equity, respect, solidarity and responsibility.
The Association was started with the purpose to preserve our way of life and pass on the ancient knowledge, wisdom and traditions to our children and community. Our mission is to honor, cultivate and celebrate the ancient wisdom of Indigenous communities through education, agriculture and cultural activities rooted in reciprocity, respect, gratitude and social justice. Our core focus as both an organization and a community are the cultivation, celebration, protection and sustaining traditional Andean culture and tradition.

Andean legacy is our treasure and it encompasses all of the projects of the Kusi Kawsay Association. Through the practice of ancestral agricultural techniques, business workshops, wellness practices, reclamation of our native language and traditions, as we celebrate the Andean Calendar, we are empowering a new generation to be respectful, resilient and to be loving leaders of our community and the world, as we share employment opportunities and sustainable life practices.


Kusi Kawsay contributes to the following Sustainable Development Education Goals

ESD empowers learners to make informed decisions and take responsible action for the integrity of the environment and the viability of the economy. Through these contents, ESD aims to achieve social justice for current and future generations, while respecting cultural diversity. It is lifelong learning and is an integral part of a quality, comprehensive and transformative education that concerns content and environment and learning outcomes, as well as pedagogy. It achieves its purpose by transforming society.


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