Interested in visiting and/or volunteer with with us?  Take a look at our detailed Volunteer orientation guide to learn more about our projects, opportunities and life in Peru.

To ensure the sustainability of our projects and continue the work that we do, we kindly ask for a suggested donation of $25 per volunteer / per day and $10 per visitor.  Thank you.


We are currently searching for:

Volunteers to translate English – Spanish – English / Spanish – German – Spanish!  If you are interested in dedicating a few hours to this need for a week or longer, please reach out to us at info@kusikawsay.org

Kusi Kawsay accepts Volunteers throughout the school year with prior anticipation.  If you are thinking about volunteering at Kusi Kawsay or Kusi Ñan, please reach out to us well in advance at info@kusikawsay.org

If you are interested in volunteering with us, we kindly ask you to send us an e.mail at least two months in advance. Include the dates you’d want to come and tell us a little bit about yourself including your skills and expectations.  Kusi Kawsay welcomes volunteers throughout the school year but does give preference to long-term commitments and skilled professionals.  Speaking Spanish is not a requirement but highly recommended as it allows for a more productive exchange.  We generally do not accept more than three volunteers at a time, therefore, writing us well in advance would be helpful in securing your volunteer experience.

Kusi Kawsay has received many amazing volunteers upon special request.  We thank each and every one of you who have helped make Kusi Kawsay the special school that it is and for being part of this vision. We appreciate all the work you have done and continue to do. Our volunteers donate their time, energy, expertise and guidance on so many levels,  in so many ways and in so many diverse areas.  May your lives be enriched and fulfilled.

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the benefit of Kusi Kawsay.

We will always carry you in our thoughts and hearts!


Here are some of the current areas volunteers and in kind services would be greatly appreciated:

    • English teachers with experience; preferably minimum four month stay
    • Classroom teacher assistants with teaching experience; preferably four month minimum stay (kindergarten, first grade, and multi grade classes)
    • Development & non profit management: identify sources of support & income, grant writing, sustainability development, nonprofit management and operations
    • Library: organize and fundraise, librarian skills beneficial
    • Graphic design: produce promotional materials for printing and internet
    • Translator:  Spanish – English; facebook, website, newsletters, reports, electronic cards, grants, projects, summaries etc.
    • Social media


  • Media:
    • Organize photos and organize and edit video footage
    • Produce short video clips of school events for youtube/ facebook/ newsletter/ website
    • Produce complete versions of school events for parents body
    • Produce versions to documents the Project for future investigation projects and production of educational materials
    • Produce versions for promotional use in general, and to cultivate relations with donors.
    • Professional photographers and video
    • Labor: agriculture, gardens, general maintenance skills

The Kusi Kawsay community grows each year, transcending borders and attracting volunteers from around the world as well as partnerships with local,  national & international groups.  This school year, which is coming to a close in the next few months, has been an exceptionally rich experience.

The school wishes to extend deep gratitude to volunteers, teachers and visitors who have shared a bit of their lives with the girls, boys, teachers, staff and parents of Kusi Kawsay.  We recognize and thank them for their hard work and their wonderful energy.

It is part of our vision to create and nourish networks and alliances as we hope to inspire and learn from each other; and intend that our work be spread far and wide to benefit as many people as possible.

Although our volunteer program is not officially up and running, we do get lots of personal requests!  So we are especially appreciative of those of you who have come and been part of the school life, even without guidelines at times!  You are valuable allies and partners that sustain Kusi Kawsay.


Past Volunteers:

We have been so lucky to meet many great people that have come to volunteer at Kusi Kawsay.  To name a few: Katharine Broyles, Leah Rothschild, Avery Muir and Ani Ventocilla were among our incredible volunteers this past year.  We are so grateful for their help and their enthusiasm.

Kusi Kawsay has welcomed many volunteers over the years.

Chask’a Quillo (19 years old) taught English for a few months in 2013. She visited us from Minnesota, United States, and has family in Pisac.  Chask’a, come visit soon again!

Lynn Taylor McIlvain and Morgan Toland from Los Angles, California assisted teachers and administration at Kusi Kawsay during the excitement and chaos of the Solstice event we organized and hosted in June. Thank you for your help, and we hope you can come back to stay longer next time!

Lee Shuen, came from Hong Kong to visit Carlos & Tita, the music teachers, and shared many marvelous experiences with Kusi Kawsay. She loved the school and the landscape of Pisac.

Jenn Featerson, (26 years old) is an educator, and wants to specialize in Intercultural Bilingual Education in Seattle, USA. She accompanied the little girls and boys in kindergarten from April – July of 2014.  Thank you Jenn!

The Madeira School girls Virginia Zhang, Danielle Schwartz, Kelleen Moriarty, Marina Pearce, and Ingrid Braun along with their teachers Whitney Morgan and Chandra Smith did a wonderful job of instructing our teachers in basic computer skills.  They assisted in setting up data system projects, organizing the library and many other important tasks at the school.  Thank you!

In 2015 we welcomed many visitors and volunteers.  In August, Ken Smith joined us with his group of Waldorf professionals for a two week visit in which they shared their skills and knowledge with our teachers and students.  Pro Humanus graced us with another capacity building teacher training session in October.  Enactus Ryerson University with Pavneet, Jordan and Aidan came with a dehydrator for Kusi Ñan and taught our students and community how to use it.  In addition, they gave workshops about business and entrepreneurial skills.  We also had the pleasure of sharing our projects with Ellen Zaroff from the Forix Foundation, and our new partnership with EMpower allowed for the visit with their president Marta Cabrera.  Thank you Sophie, Avery and Leah, Katie, Ani and all who have taken the time this year to be a part of our mission and vision! Thank you so much to our long term volunteers Heather, Monte and Javiera.  Even at a distance, our volunteer contribute invaluable skills.  We would like to thank the Newsletter Editing committee: Margaret, Marilee, Barbara and Robert for their ongoing support!


Please  note that we will be updating this page with current needs and information for volunteers and visitors.

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