Wish List

Kusi Kawsay’s current needs include:

Funding for:

  • Re-roofing of straw covered buildings at Kusi Kawsay
  • Playground shade structure (to protect from rain and heat) – URGENT
  • Water Supply System (Electric Pump)
  • Economic support to purchase Transportation / Truck – URGENT
  • Security Camera (for School’s Administrative space)

(for more information regarding any of the above needs, e.mail info@kusikawsay.org)

Donated items or Funding to purchase:

  • Audio visual equipment: sound system and projector – URGENT
  • Professional video camera
  • Recoding equipment
  • Outside lighting equipment
  • 10 Wireless microphones
  • Chemistry equipment – microscopes
  • Easels
  • Waldorf materials: specialized watercolor paper, Stockholm paints, paintbrushes, fountain pens, beeswax block and long crayons
  • Mobile Shade structures to protect from the intense sun during school events
  • Kitchen supplies – especially large pots and pans!
  • Books for Library
  • Bookshelves for classrooms

We truly appreciate any ability to donate one of the items mentioned in this list.  We also understand that some items are difficult to travel with and therefore wholeheartedly welcome donations to purchase these specific items.  Thank you so much!

If you would like to contribute any additional items to Kusi Kawsay, feel free to contact us.

For further information regarding the items listed above, please contact us at info@kusikawsay.org

We appreciate your support!


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