Sacred Fire Foundation #GivingTuesday Campaign


  • Start Date:02-11-2015
  • End Date:01-12-2015
  • Start Time:00:01
  • End Time:23:59
  • Location:#GivingTuesday

A successful campaign!

We reached our goal and so much more – thank you Sacred Fire Foundation!

Kusi Kawsay was selected by the Sacred Fire Foundation for the 2015 #GivingTuesday campaign. From the beginning of November the first Tuesday in December you have the chance to contribute to our Andean Legacy Project.  All proceeds went to Kusi Kawsay in support of preserving and promoting of the Andean Ancient wisdom traditions.  The #givingtuesday hashtag was shared on social media to spread the word!  Thanks to everyone who supported this campaign and a special thank you to the Sacred Fire Foundation for making this possible for Kusi Kawsay.

Sacred Fire Foundation (SFF) is a charitable organization, supporting initiatives that preserve and promote Ancient Wisdom traditions—and their perspectives—to insure their continuance for our children and future generations. The world’s Ancient Wisdom traditions are being threatened, and a key focus of our work is in supporting relationships with them and between them. Through events and media, the Foundation seeks to bring a greater awareness and understanding to our modern culture of the irreplaceable benefit that Ancient Wisdom provides the people of the world.

The Campaign can also be found here!