2021 Fundraising Campaign


November 15 – December 31, 2021

Goal: $50,000 USD

Life is continuous learning and this year 2021 has been a great lesson for the Kusi Kawsay community as well as globally. After a period as difficult as the one experienced in 2020, due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we can now look forward with a lesson: love, solidarity and union are the only way to continue.

At Kusi Kawsay, our great teachers have been the children and youth from whom we have learned to adapt to new forms of virtual education, new forms of socialization and above all to see life with hope and optimism. As of August of this year, the boys, girls and youth have been progressively returning to school after 16 months of absence. The classrooms and playground were empty all this time, their spirits filled the facilities of Kusi Kawsay with vitality, with their voices and laughter they made the school a truly happy place.

Now we continue learning and relearning, many boys and girls had forgotten to play, socialize, but little by little they return to being the same, the same as always. This November 15 we will launch our online fundraising campaign for the 2022 period of Kusi Kawsay. We are calling it “Yachay”, which in Quechua means learning, because this period has been one of great teachings. Throughout these weeks we will be sharing with you the achievements and learnings of this time. We also have amazing news to share with you on the campaign launch day, the 15 th of November, so please stay tuned for the announcement of a very special award and recognition Kusi Kawsay recently received.

We look forward to your collaboration and support for the Kusi Kawsay educational project so as to bring closure to this academic year full of enriching lessons, while looking forward to the start of our new school year filled with possibilities and opportunities to provide a dignified education to Andean children and youth of the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Our community has created a beautiful 2022 calendar of moving poetic expression and images that we are very excited to share with you in gratitude for your donation. Please include your email address when donating.

Your donation will support a vibrant educational experience rooted in rich cultural
identity of Andean tradition woven with elements of Waldorf Pedagogy, such as:

Celebration of the Andean calendar

Andean Legacy workshops

Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary classes

Teacher Training and Exchanges

Community Outreach

Awareness raising campaigns

Girls Empowerment

Youth Leadership Programs

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