2022 Fundraising Campaign



November 14 – December 26, 2022

Goal: $50,000 USD

The path one takes through the Andes parallels as a metaphor for the path of life. In following these paths, we cross mountains. Pathways in the Andes are centuries old and built from earth and stone. They bring together countless generations from the before the time of the Inkas till now. These paths unite people; they help us find ourselves and experience so many amazing things along the way.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our life in immeasurable ways. During the two years of the pandemic, many of our paths were left untouched and forgotten. To take our selves we stayed in our houses and our communities—however large or small those might have been.

In these next weeks you will learn about the people who walk the paths of our Andean school Kusi Kawsay. In our language of Quechua we use the word ‘ñankuna’ to refer to paths. Drawing inspiration from this, our campaign this year will be called ‘Kawsay Ñankuna’ or ‘Paths of Life’.

We hope you dive into learning about the different paths walked at our school. We also hope we can count on your support of Kusi Kawsay so we can keep doing this important work.

We are certain that together, we can keep learning.

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