2023 Fundraising Campaign


Exchanges bringing us together


November 21 – December 26, 2023

With this campaign, Tinkuy, we wish to share the value of exchange that has always been fundamental in Andean culture as a natural celebration of existence, of life, through stories and experiences of Kusi Kawsay. Tinkuy, exchange, is crucial to reindigenization and fortifying ourselves as Indigenous Nations.

With deep gratitude we are happy to share that thanks to everyone’s support we reached our goal.

Kusi Kawsay’s vision, from the beginning, has been rooted in the cultivation of community through a vast network of relationships, alliances that inspire and strengthen shared goals for a better world. Our vision is to inspire global awareness that respects cultural and ecological diversity, honoring the wisdom of Indigenous traditions and cultivating unity of human beings within a framework of reciprocity, respect and social justice.

Over the years we have cultivated so many valuable connections, with other educational projects, Indigenous Nations, organizations, institutions, individuals, and many more, locally, nationally and globally. We appreciate each connection, and are so grateful for each opportunity to learn from each other. When reflecting on 2023, the theme that comes forward is the value of exchange. Throughout this year we had many opportunities to share our ancestral culture with the world, starting from within the heart of our small community in the Andes, reaching out to our local and national communities, and spreading into the world across imposed borders. Follow our campaign full of the amazing stories of these experiences, what is being shared and learned, and how these exchanges fortify the continuation of our vision in the Andes of Peru, and the world.

Urpillay Sonqollay to this grand web of life. We look forward to continued collaborations with our current allies and to cultivating new ones, and mostly we look forward to what these connections will bring forth for a more vibrant future.

Your donation will support programs that assure a vibrant educational experience rooted in rich cultural identity of Andean tradition such as:

Andean Agriculture

Indigenous Exchanges

Education for Sustainable Development

Andean Workshops, Courses and Celebrations

Community Outreach

Girls Empowerment

Teacher Training


Thank you for contributing to education for sustainable development rooted in Andean wisdom for a vibrant future!

We also accept stock and checks can be made out to Pachamama’s Path and mailed to:

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