Collaborations and Partnerships

Kusi Kawsay has been fortunate to collaborate and partner with many amazing organizations and people. Their time and expertise enrich Kusi Kawsay projects in multiple areas, from classroom assistants, to teacher training mentors, to photography and media professionals, to development mentors, fund-raising consultants, newsletter editors, and so much more. The in-kind value is of tremendous support and deeply appreciated. These shared resources and guidance are invaluable for the success of Kusi Kawsay.

We also have the joy of sharing our experience with other schools and educational/cultural initiatives that we consider as important partners. It is part of our vision to create and nourish networks and alliances as we hope to inspire and learn from each other and intend that our work spread far and wide and benefit as many people as possible. Kurmi Wasi School in Bolivia, Pukllasunchis School in Cusco, Wiñaypaq School in Pisac, Yanpanacusun project in Cusco, and the UNESCO affiliated school network are just a few of the initiatives we collaborate with on many levels, and we are constantly looking to create new partnerships.

If you would like to collaborate with Kusi Kawsay, please contact us at

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