#Warmallan Amaraq Mamaqa

Kusi Kawsay & #Girls Not Mothers Campaign

The Campaign team: Voices & Actors: Flor Melany Pare Merma, Grimaldo Hillhua Ccahuana, Walter Hillhua Ccahuana, Jaime Hillhua Ccahuana, Elizangela Salas Ochoa. Kusi Sami Franco Minaja, Katari Vizcarra Wood, Araq Franco Monteagudo,, Onpash Monteagudo Suma, Ruth Milagros Sosa,Quispe, Alejandro Vasquez Paolini // Campaign Coordination: Illary Valenzuela Oblitas // Muscial Composition: Valentín Boomes // Workshops Rap in Quechua; Celinda Enriquez Mamanii & Callejón Producer // Director: Natalia Grande // Editor: Alejandro Bartra // Project Manager: Mariaclaudia Paolini

Today September 5th, on Indigenous International Women’s Day, we launch our campaign #WarmallanAmaraqMamaqa, affiliated with the wider #NiñasNoMadres Campaign (they both mean Girls not Mothers), demanding that:


the Government of Latin America take action to protect the health and integrity of girls who are victims of sexual violence through the access to information, comprehensive sexual education, essential health services, such as emergency contraception and the right to access legal abortion.


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“Peasant and indigenous girls are not given much support when they are victims of rape, even when under the law they are entitled to that right of access. […] Girls have to stop studying when they get pregnant and their daily life change completely” – Kusi Sami, 16 years old, IV grade High School student

“We must call a halt to the fear of a woman or a girl, from the streets or houses, because the aggressors are everywere. A girl has the right to integrity, to health, to be safe from torture, free from discrimination, the right to a private life, the right to be heard “ – Elizangela, 13 years old, I grade High School student


We are doing this campaign because during the quarantine the cases of violence to the girls, boys and young women have increased” – Mayta Katari, 16 years old, IV grade High School student

“This injustice is an imposition that came from colonization and today such situation is reiterated. Many people are not aware of what is happening or simply ignore it as if nothing it`s happening.”- Araq, 16 years old, IV grade High School student

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