One of the main objectives for this year has been to improve the library by not only creating a space for reading and nurturing knowledge through books, but also by promoting and constructing a place for the children and youth of Kusi Kawsay to mix. We are highly conscious that learning becomes deeper if there is a shared interaction.

This project is being facilitated by René Franco Salas, one of the founding fathers of the school, who has led several creative ideas for the Kusi Kawsay library in order to fulfill its true purpose: learning together. As we meet this challenge, we want to diversify and increase our library.  We hope you will support us in this great endeavor!

As the late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano said:

Anyone who reads something that is really worth the trouble to read does not read with impunity.  Reading one of those books that breathes when you put it to your ear does not leave you untouched: it changes you, even if only a little bit, it integrates something into you, something that you did not know or had not imagined, and it invites you to seek, to ask questions.  And even more, sometimes it can even help you to discover the true meaning of words betrayed by the dictionary of our times.

Thank you very much René!!!