marGeographical boundaries do not exist when you share the same dream.  Marina Flevotomas arrived in Cusco, Peru from her distant home country of Greece, with the intention of ​​giving her best to the educational project forged in the Andes. Marina is a specialist in environmental education and has participated in various international events aimed towards preserving the environment. She has experience in sustainable development projects.

Furthermore, she speaks four languages ​​(Greek, German, English and Spanish) and very soon she will also learn Quechua in Kusi Kawsay. Marina first came to Kusi Kawsay two years ago as a volunteer English teacher where she stated that she “fell in love with the work that was being done for the children at Kusi Kawsay.The work comes so naturally and is encouraged through love and respect for the environment and the world…”  Now she is back as part of the financial and development team while also teaching English to the primary and secondary grades of our school.  We at Kusi Kawsay are very happy to have this  talented professional who has a big heart and a passion for both children and the environment.

Welcome Marina !!!