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Kusi Kawsay MuyuMuyu

This is the school song, composed by Carlos and Tita, the music teachers for all grades at Kusi Kawsay, and also founding parents.

Read how Carlos and Tita

  • created this beautiful School Song and
  • here for the words to help you further understand the true meaning and values of Kusi Kawsay.

The dance is called Muyumuyu, with movement in concentric circles, to the left and to the right, representing the important Andean concept, Yanantin, the delicate balance of complimentary opposites, such as day and night, which in essence represents equilibrium.

This was filmed at Kusi Kawsay’s 4th Anniversary May 2013, and is very powerful because the whole school, including students of all grades, the teachers, the school board and the administrative staff, play and dance together with Kusi Kawsay’s intention pulsating and vibrating from this circle into the universe.

The following videos from 2011 and 2012 include the children singing the song.

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