Kusi Kawsay Andean School

Kusi Kawsay Andean School is a non- profit school, rooted in Andean tradition, empowering economically challenged children from Pisac town and remote communities above Pisac, Peru; to become confident, free, self assured young adults, leaders of the future; helping the World to become a better place.

Kusi Kawsay uses Fusion Education, thus offering an alternative, integral education. These unique and highly effective teaching methods, incorporate aspects of Waldorf pedagogy,embracing traditional  Andean  legacy and culture.

Our ecological ethic is a social ethic, in that we are all related, inter-related and interdependent on this existence. Taking ecological mindfulness a step further – into the realms of the heart, of truly respecting and loving the land. This is returning to the true essence of ecology.

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