We will be developing this page further with all the new projects we hope to develop, the beautiful projects we are working on the moment and all the amazing projects we have completed.

All of this would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our extended Kusi Kawsay community donating time and money, all parents, faculty and staff.

We thank you all so much and are delighted to share our successes with you. 


Ongoing Projects

KUSI ÑAN – This organic farming project marries beautifully with Kusi Kawsay ecological ethic. Started with some of the Kusi Kawsay upper grade study group. Read about the challenges, the successes and the potential to develop this project. 

Community Outreach,

Parent Education,

Teacher Training,

Health and Nutrition in our Wellbeing Programs,

Sustainability Crafts Workshops.

Medical Clinics

Future Projects – 

With fresh ideas and support we hope to introduce new sustainable, ecological and necessary projects in the future to allow Kusi Kawsay to grow, sharing with the world new ways of working.  (to follow)

Completed Projects

We are delighted to have received the generous support of individuals and organizations to allow us to complete these projects.

Adobe/ Earth Oven –  Read how once a week, the aroma of freshly baked bread from the new earth oven fills the air at Kusi Kawsay.


Here we would like to recognize and thank all you wonderfully generous people, helping Kusi Kawsay to make a difference; to the Andean Children, to Education, to the Planet, for the Future.