copyright & reproduced with kind permission of Matt Dayka

copyright & reproduced with kind permission of Matt Dayka

The Basis of a New Venture

Kusi Ñan, the organic farm business started by a few Kusi Kawsay graduates in July 2013 has reaped some fine results.  They consistently grow organic salad greens and produce such as kale and cherry tomatoes and sell to local patrons, local restaurants and at the Pisac market. They have also planted and harvested fava beans, corn, quinoa and chia crops, while playing their traditional Andean music, infiltrating the produce with the tenderness still present in this agrarian based culture of the Andes. They are especially proud of their own variation on the typical humita recipe (tamales made of fresh corn), adding kale and other healthy ingredients grown in their garden, and sold them locally to the townspeople and to restaurants. Delicious!

KN Snack -IMG_6383 copy

One of their most important advances is a proposal made to the board at Kusi Kawsay to offer a healthy and nutritional snack to the school community.  Their idea to prepare such a snack daily, using their organic products, to benefit the Kusi Kawsay community is blossoming into a new collaboration. At a class meeting, the parents approved this idea, and agreed upon an amount they can give each week towards this wonderfully nourishing snack.

Impact and Import of recent Exchanges

To learn more about the wonderful support and interactions from other national and international youth members and visitors.

Accomplishments and Challenges of the first 16 months and The Future

Read to find out what these young entrepreneurs have faced, gains made and exciting ideas for the future.

The Future with your Help.

The goal is to continue, but they urgently need funds, as well as workshops and capacity building dynamics to help understand what starting and running a business entails, so that this project can be more successful and sustainable.

The vision and commitment of a core group of youth is clear, but most of them had to take other jobs to support themselves and their families, and the project is in need of a great infusion of resources of all kinds.

The guiding families are looking for partners, investors, supporters, and mentors who believe in agriculture, youth, and culture, and want to be part of a project with tremendous potential.

Please support this venture!




We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have already offered contributions to help start the project, and to the many advisors and allies who provide constant guidance and impetus. 

We are still in the beginning phases, and need continued support from as many sources as possible.

We invite you all to help us secure the necessary funds and expertise that will allow us to reach our goal of being an established, lucrative and successful business. 

Urpillay Sonqollay!

Please contact us with any ideas or expertise you have to share. 

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