Our Projects

Kusi Kawsay Association encourages global awareness and respect cultural and ecological diversity through its three initiatives:

Kusi Kawsay Andean School

Kusi Kawsay means “Happy Life” in Quechua.

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We are committed to having motivated, trained staff that are rooted in Andean culture and values dedicated to protecting the environment, ensuring a dignified education to economically challenged children and youth and ensure the rights and pursuit of happiness for indigenous communities.

We continuously improve our education initiative by improving our activities and programs so that indigenous children and youth may be raised in Andean traditions while integrating with the realities of a modern world.

Our Education Institution complies with all legal terms and the donations, which sustain our project, are locally applied, strengthening our mission and vision.

Long-term economic sustainability is our aim and we are investing resources to create products locally.

Kusi Ñan Organic Farm

Kusi Ñan means “Happy Path” in Quechua.

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Protecting native seeds and traditional Andean Agricultural techniques are the main basis of the farm project.

We are committed to using the land and resources to educate local children and youth in sustainable agricultural methods, local climate adaptation and mitigation strategies as well as healthy living and wellbeing awareness programs.

We do not use products which harm the environment or our communities. As a fully organic farm, we are not only protecting the environment, but also ensuring long-term health benefits, essential farming knowledge as well as sustainable business activities.

Ñawpa Ñan Cultural Events

Ñawpa Ñan means “Ancient Path” in Quechua.

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In a fast changing world, our commitment is to ensure the protection, cultivation and promotion of traditional Andean culture. Indigenous communities have a strong connection with their roots and their natural surroundings guaranteeing a harmonious relationship with life itself. Preserving traditional music, song, dance, weaving techniques, Andean Cosmovision and food customs are the essence of our cultural project.

Sharing the events throughout Andean Calendar allows us to raise awareness of the Quechua Nation, our values of respect, love and reciprocity as well as inspire communities locally, nationally and internationally to practice culture and tradition freely and proudly.