By: Indira Minaja Marmanillo – Teacher of the Secondary Level

kk_logoFaustino Ccoyo Gallegos is 18 years old and an eleventh grade student at our educational institution Kusi Kawsay.  During his childhood he lived in the rural community of Viacha with his family where he enjoyed nature as well as the traditions and lively culture, experiencing all the wisdom of planting and harvesting the varieties of native products of the area. Faustino’s first language is Runasimi (Quechua) – a language that he is now, at 18, very proud to know. His primary studies were undertaken at a school in the community of Viacha and then the educational institution of Bernardo Tambohuacso Pumayali in Pisac. Later, he decided to study at Kusi Kawsay.  He has been at our school since seventh grade and has fit in well with his peers who value his great sense of empathy.

“One of the reasons I liked Kusi Kawsay,” Faustino said, “is the equality and respect between teachers and students. I feel as though I am ‘at home.’Faustino is characterized by his perseverance to achieve his dreams. In ninth grade, he began to knit chullos (traditional caps for men in the Andes) and has developed impressive technical perfection. In two years, he has woven a dozen chullos and is truly a master of his craft He is happy that his work is valued which gives this ancient garment the respect it deserves.  And we are happy that he took such initiative to develop his talent.

This year he will graduate from school; he feels that in his being he carries a brave fighter’s spirit that was fueled by Kusi Kawsay.  He knows he has many more goals to achieve. He also tell us that he will miss Kusi Kawsay school and will always carry the free hummingbird that is full of vitality and strength in his heart.