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The Kusi Kawsay community grows each year, transcending borders and attracting volunteers from around the world as well as partnerships with local,  national & international groups.  This school year, which is coming to a close in the next few months, has been an exceptionally rich experience.

The school wishes to extend deep gratitude to volunteers, teachers and visitors who have shared a bit of their lives with the girls, boys, teachers, staff and parents of Kusi Kawsay.  We recognize and thank them for their hard work and their wonderful energy.

It is part of our vision to create and nourish networks and alliances as we hope to inspire and learn from each other; and intend that our work be spread far and wide to benefit as many people as possible. 

Although our volunteer program is not officially up and running, we do get lots of personal requests!  So we are especially appreciative of those of you who have come and been part of the school life, even without guidelines at times!  You are valuable allies and partners that sustain Kusi Kawsay. 

Young people step forward:  The energy and commitment from these younger volunteers add an extra vibrancy to the children and teachers of Kusi Kawsay. Click here to read on.

Professional Educators Lend Expertise:  Kusi Kawsay is also very fortunate to learn from the expertise of professional volunteers. Click here to find out more.

Special Projects and Collaborations:  Click here to see who else has enriched Kusi Kawsay with their expertise.


These are some of the many volunteers and partnerships  that share a part of their lives with Kusi Kawsay. 

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the benefit of Kusi Kawsay. 

We will always carry you in our thoughts and hearts!