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Carlos and Tita, our music teachers, created our school song in the traditional Andean way. Together they tell the story of how this song came to be:




“On a beautiful May evening, as the four stars of the Southern Cross, Chakana, lit the path of the llama and her children constellation, we knew we needed a song that identified Kusi Kawsay, and we saw the place to find it.

To look for the music, we went to the phaqchas (waterfall) of K’itamayu (the small river that runs through Pisac), underneath the Antachaka that our ancestors cross to rest, and in this sacred place with Kokamama, (coca leaves), WamanSayri (tobacco) and with much respect and affection, we asked the Yakumama (water spirit) to offer us a tune, and tone by tone, drop by drop, little by little, a precious melody was formed by the water, and was gifted to us.

On another day, full of joy and gratitude, we sought inspiration for the words to the song and we found them at the school by observing the girls and boys as they played, talked and studied. Together with the Nawpa Machus y Mamalas (ancestors) of Aqchapata (the ancestral name of the land where the school is located) the Wayratayta (grandfather wind) brought the words, the poetry and the message for the song where the spirit of Kusi Kawsay lives.

Later with much love and always with guidance from our ancestors, we constructed the Sikus Ira-Arka (name of the reed pan pipe flutes), and created the way in which to play the song including all the students and teachers, forming concentric pulsating circles.

So we began to teach this Taki (song) to the students of Kusi Kawsay and for the first time we played it on August 1st in 2012 in the Haywakuy ceremony (coca leaf offering).  Then on Nov 17, on the day of grandfather TanpuHuaqsu Pumayali in the town of P’isaq, and since then for every celebration that we have, we dance and sing our hymn of Kusi Kawsay.”

Carlos and Tita not only live in love, they make us all fall in love with life though their music.

Urpillay Sonqollay Carlos & Tita!