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Chask’a Quillo (19 years old) taught English during the last few months of school in 2013. She visited us from Minnesota, United States, and has family in Pisac.  Chask’a, come visit soon!

Lynn Taylor McIlvain and Morgan Toland from Los Angles, California assisted teachers and administration at Kusi Kawsay during the excitement and chaos of the Solstice event we organized and hosted in June. Thank you for your help, and we hope you can come back to stay longer next time!

Lee Shuen, came from Hong Kong to visit Carlos & Tita, the music teachers, and shared many marvelous experiences with Kusi Kawsay. She loved the school and the landscape of Pisac.

Jenn Featerson, (26 years old) is an educator, and wants to specialize in Intercultural Bilingual Education in Seattle, USA. She accompanied the little girls and boys in kindergarten from April – July of 2014.  Thank you Jenn!

The Madeira School girls Virginia Zhang, Danielle Schwartz, Kelleen Moriarty, Marina Pearce, and Ingrid Braun along with their teachers Whitney Morgan and Chandra Smith did a wonderful job of instructing our teachers in basic computer skills.  They assisted in setting up data system projects, organizing the library and many other important tasks at the school.  Thank you!