2020 Fundraising Campaign

IN BETWEEN: Our life during the pandemic


The months of lockdown have been a time of uncertainty and change. But they have also been a time of new challenges and of personal and collective discoveries.

During this time, the young women of Kusi Kawsay share about their experience: their dreams and everyday adversities, the hope and the joy of living

Video Credits: Voices & acting: Flor Melany Pare Merma, Kusi Sami Franco Minaja. Directed by Alejandro Bartra. Director of Photograpy: Bel Ami Cardenas Mau. Musical composition & Mixing: Colectivo Waykicha. Editor: Alejandro Bartra. English subtitles: Daniel Parnetti. Project Manager: Mariaclaudia Paolini. Special Thanks: Pavel Marmanillo Barrio de Mendoza, Valentin Boomes, Shot in Kusi Kawsay, Pisac, Cusco (Peru) September 2020

Our In-Between Fundraising Campaign supports our school as we navigate towards the end of a very unpredictable and trying academic year while looking forward to the start of our new school year filled with possibilities and opportunities to provide a dignified education to Andean children and youth of the Sacred Valley of Peru

Start-End: November 1st – December 31st 2020

Goal: 50.000 USD

Amount raised: 53.575 USD


NEWS !! All you donations has been matched dollar per dollar up tp 50.000 USD thanks to Nancy Park & Wilder Green Fund, Justine, Jules and Jim Epstein Family, Megan and Adam Neale & Family, Freitas Foundation, NYC & London circle of friends , Matt Reeves and Lisa Noguchi & Family, Acacia – Fonds für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit ?

In gratitude for your donation, our community has created a beautiful 2021 desktop calendar that will be sent to you, as long as you include your email address when donating.


Support the celebration of Andean calendar.

Support Andean workshops for one month.

Support High School Lessons for one month.

Support Kindergarten Lessons for one month.

Support Andean Legacy workshops for one year.

Support High School Lessons for one year.

Non-restrictive Donation: Support the greatest need according to Kusi Kawsay Association.

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